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Everything I use is 16K, 18K and/or 24K plated over a brass base. After years of testing my products on people who have sensitivity issues, 99% of the time I have been informed of zero allergic reactions. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you will have the same pleasantly surprising experience. With that said, if you are extremely sensitive to certain metals, I would not recommend plated products.

All stones and beads in my designs are natural and semiprecious.

All ring wire is copper base.

All free studs received are stainless steel.


You're covered for 6 months from your date of purchase. I will repair* your items free of charge. All you have to do is cover shipping one way.

To begin, please send me an email titled "Repair Request" to to begin your repair process.

When shipping your items, please make sure you wrap them in a way that will avoid tangling during their travels. If shipping necklaces, body chains and other products that have long chain, please wrap the item in paper the same way you received it. If the tangle is too much, I will not be able to repair the product.

*if the item or parts are no longer available for the necessary repairs, I will offer replacement item(s) of equal or lesser value to your original purchase.


Please allow up to three weeks to receive your purchase. Currently YK STONE is a solo run operation and I create every item ordered from scratch. As the company and staffing grow, this will change.

Another thing to consider is shipping from my suppliers - when running low on stock, I reorder items and have to wait to receive them in order to complete your purchases. Some suppliers do not offer expedited shipping although I hope that changes.


YK Stone currently uses FedEx and UPS for shipping.


If you don't absolutely love what you got, I will be happy to offer an exchange for item(s) of equal value. You have one week from date of delivery to initiate an exchange.


All you have to do is send an email titled "Exchange Request" to to begin your exchange process.


Upon receiving your Exchange Request, you will be given the shipping address and one week to ship out your item(s). Once I receive the 100% intact, damage and tangle free item(s) with all of the original packaging and parts, you will be provided with a one time use Promo Code equal in value to you original purchase + shipping cost (address must match to the original purchase address for accurate and equal shipping rate) to apply at checkout.

At this time, YK STONE does not offer refunds.

*exchanges do not apply to items with custom measurements.



When measuring your wrist, make sure you tightly measure the spot where you would typically wear a watch, right below the protruding part of Ulna (the bone on the pinky side of your forearm). There is no need to add slack to your measurement unless you want a loose fit. This is because once the clasp is added to your specified measurement, the length will already increase by 0.75 inches for comfort and ease of clasping and wear.

*this is only applicable to bracelets with measurement required field.


When measuring your neck, make sure you measure the circumference of the part where your neck begins - right above the clavicle. This measurement will be used to measure the chain ONLY. Once the bead, jump rings and clasp are added, the length will increase by 1.25 inches for comfort and ease of clasping and wear.

*this is only applicable to necklaces with measurement required field.


The rings offered by YK STONE are not adjustable, which is why I offer whole, half and quarter measurements to ensure the best fit. 

When selecting your ring size, please keep in mind that your ring must fit over your DIP and PIP joints (finger knuckles) in order to avoid getting it stuck. The wire I use for my rings is semi soft - if your DIP and PIP joints are enlarged and you have to move up in size in order to fit the ring down your finger, you can always bend the bottom part of the ring in towards your finger. This creates a more oval shape and helps prevent your ring from turning and spinning around. It is just as easy to bend it back into a round shape in order to get it off your finger.


Regarding body chains, I have found that most customers purchase the size that is the same as shirts. Breast size either adds or lowers the size of your chain. Ladder and Sequence chains are not adjustable.

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